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The Chiefs won Sunday night’s game by a comfortable 41-14 margin, but there was a point in the second half when it looked like the Raiders would be a much tougher opponent.

Kansas City was up 24-14 in the third quarter when Raiders quarterback Derek Carr hit new Raider DeSean Jackson with a 40-yard pass. It looked like Jackson could score if he turned upfield and went toward the end zone, but Jackson strangely moved back toward the original line of scrimmage and then lost the ball when Chiefs defensive back Rashad Fenton punched it out of his grasp.

Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu recovered the ball and the rout was on, which left Raiders interim head coach Rich Bisaccia to cite the fumble as a crucial development in how things went on Sunday night.

“Maybe a turning point in the game to some degree,” Bisaccia said, via W.G. Ramirez of the Associated Press. “The bottom came out after that.”

The play showed why the Raiders brought Jackson to the organization, but the hope in Vegas will be that future deep shots end with the ball in their possession or the end zone rather than in inexplicable fumbles that hurt the team.